What I Learned to Be Successful as a Home Music Producer

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Hi, I am Gelot Macaranas and I am the founder of Mixingmastermind.com.

Today, I want to share with you how I became a home music producer, successfully doing my passion at the comfort of my home.

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Here’s My Story


In the early 2000s, I, together with my cousins, had the privilege and pleasure to perform on stage. For four times a week, we played at different venues and wrote songs during our days off. Around 5 albums worth of original songs resulted from our weekends. Certainly, the original compositions connected with our audience, resulting to requests for song recordings. They wanted to listen to them on their Walkman, cd player, or mp3 player, which were the popular modes of listening back then. As a result, it prompted us to start recording our songs on a professional level and venture out the mysterious world of the recording arts due to the requests.

To be heard on the radio is one of the ultimate goals of an amateur band. With this in mind, our focus was unimaginable. Armed with determination, we scoured several phone directories for recording studio information and relentlessly drove through busy streets to search for a reputable recording studio that could help us become famous one day. It is not like today that as soon as you type your query in Google and press enter, the list pops up. Not only that it was time-consuming, it surely burned a hole in our pockets. Imagine the countless days of searching for the perfect studio that suited our budget.

After several tries, we found the best recording studio upon the recommendation of a friend. Oh man, not only that it was reputable, and expensive but also far from home. We didn’t have the money to record one full album but a small amount fit for two songs.  However, it was one of the best recording studios for amateur bands. So, we thought, “Oh well, it is a starting point.” Without any sound advice from a professional, we proceeded in recording the songs.

We paid the recording studio a whopping $200 (P10,000) for two tracks. The songs turned out good, but, we still felt that they lack the radio-ready luster we aimed for. Although we still wanted to perfect the recordings, unfortunately, we could not push through because of budget constraints.

How I wished that we had more time to practice, had the freedom to record without worrying about the bill, and had the availability of a recording studio near our area. This experience planted the dream in my heart that one day, I’d own my own recording studio.

How I wished we had more time to practice, freedom to record without worrying about the bill, and had the availability of a studio near our area.

Problems, Issues, and Concerns. Just Name It.

Let me talk about the issues that sprouted from the experience.

First, financial instability hindered us from getting recording time. We couldn’t save money as quickly as we would like to. We couldn’t finance any activities beyond band rehearsals and gigs.

Second, the studio’s accessibility made it harder for us to record. The studio’s location was far from where we lived. The time and money spent for traveling could be time allotted for practicing.

The third concern was the band’s practice time. Had there been a recording studio near our place, we could have had more practice time.

We found it difficult to practice our demo songs at home because we didn’t want to disturb our neighbors.


We didn’t have a basement or a sound-proofed room to use since our garage was the only place available.

Lastly, the band consisted of family members who all lived in the same house. Ooooops! Wait a sec? You might want to ask me at this very moment why it became a dilemma. As a matter of fact, that could have had given us a better avenue for practice. We struggled due to personal priorities despite of us situated in one area. Our difficulty lay on our personal schedules, thus affecting practices. In other words, we didn’t have the time.

We kept our chins up under those circumstances. On a positive side, we were all aware of the predicament we faced as a group.



And yet, we pushed ourselves to discover ways to resolve the concerns we had at hand. After all, our dream to reach the world through our songs burned incessantly in our hearts.

Problems Solving Tactics

Our drive to successfully make it in the music industry resulted to different approaches in solving our issues. We worked on adding more gigs on a weekly basis to gain extra funding for our recordings. Our manager hunted for events, bars, clubs and acoustic lounges that held auditions. Stressful as it was, we took every opportunity that came without having any plan of attack.

As a result, we gained more gigs but lost practice time. Consequently, we never got to write songs like how we used to before. As much as we wanted to rest, we opted to keep taking more events, thus, giving us a steady flow of income. Being profitable became our top priority. Besides, we desperately needed the moolah, as well as the exposure. True enough, as what the great Napoleon Hill said, “Strength and Growth come only through continuous effort and struggle,” held truth in our lives at that time.

We almost had a breakthrough when a record producer gave us a recording stint in an audition we joined! Why almost? Hold your breath. We thought that our efforts paid off because we landed a recording contract with the producer, in which would lead us to stardom. After a few meetings, unfortunately, the news faded like a fleeting moment in time. The contract didn’t push through and it was a major disappointment for the band.

Afterwards, we began to miss gigs and other opportunities as our priorities led us to different paths. As for me, personal gratification led me to miss our band’s first major concert gig. Yes, I am honest enough to say that I also have my own misses.

After the successful concert, we disbanded. We tried to regroup but failed on every attempt. We all lived different lives and for some years, I forgot about my passio

How I Quit My Job And Pursued My Passion

From the bottom up!

I started working in an international call center company back in 2005 as a sales agent. Despite of having no knowledge in selling, it didn’t crush my spirit. I told myself if I didn’t make it in the band, then, I would have to make it in the job.

Armed with that mindset, it took me 8 months to become a sales supervisor. Moreover, the job gave me opportunities including management trainings and leadership events that any person without a college degree couldn’t get a hold of.

As a staunch believer in hard work, I made my way to the top. Promotions came in handy as bigger and more challenging responsibilities started coming my way. Enthralled with the success of my endeavors, I decided to focus on pursuing the corporate ladder, thus becoming one of the top managers of the company, which gave me a 6-digit monthly income, plus huge benefits for me and my family.

Recognizing Top Performers

Halloween Rodeo Party with the Training Team

A Deep Compelling Decision To Make

It was when the family found out about my mom’s medical condition that I remembered who I really was. For years, work consumed my time and energy that I didn’t get to play any instruments nor wrote any songs. When I heard the word “cancer,” I knew it I had to make the decision.

There’s a deep compelling connection between this sad moment and my passion for music. My mom constantly bugged me with a gentle push to follow my heart, but I just didn’t listen to her. I didn’t want anything to do with music anymore due to the failures I experienced from the past. It took awhile but my mom made me realize that I was just wasting my life for nothing. During her battle with cancer, my mother and I gifted the world with three beautiful songs. It was my dearest memory of her.

Fun TImes With Mom and Sis

Before she passed on, I promised her that I’d record the songs professionally. Not knowing what to do, my failures reminded me not to trek the same route again. Recording the songs scared the hell out of me especially knowing that music production was an unknown territory.

Because of my desire and intention to honor my mom by keeping my promise, all the actions I took led me to becoming a music producer and an audio engineer. I enrolled in sound engineering, songwriting, and music production courses. Little did I know, I was building my home recording studio piece by piece, equipment at a time. The dream I thought that was far-fetched, became a reality.

Mom, diagnosed with Cancer June 2012

Audio Engineering Class 

home music producer

How I Started My Journey As A Home Music Producer

Mary J Blige said, “My Journey continues, because I’ve, you know, conquered a lot. And I know how to conquer the rest.”

I definitely can relate to that.

Resiliency and resourcefulness – these are the two attributes that helped me trek the road to where I am now. Let me proceed with my storytelling by taking you on the high road.

One challenge that I conquered was building my home studio from scratch. Yes, on the courses I enrolled in, there were but a few details on how to build one. I also found it difficult to apply what I learned from my courses because I had nothing to reference my learning with.

Learning blindly, I didn’t have any concrete directions or goals. Mind you, It took me years to build my studio as I spent countless hours in the net trying to find the most affordable ways to do it. I also spent endless hours watching YouTube videos to improve my mixing skills only to confuse me with the number of techniques different coaches teach. In reality, not all those who teach in Youtube have certification, which creates credibility issues on the methods they share through the platform.

Reflection and Outcome

 I had to learn the wrong ways for me to know the right ones. I had to go through different routes to learn different concepts for me to realize that there’s just one principle that we need to understand in our lives to make things work for us. Although the journey was long, it was also a blessing. I feel like I have figured out the solution and know the best way to do it, and I’d really love to share what I know to someone who is struggling to record his songs at home and use the needed platform to make it happen.

Today, a recording studio is available to me 24/7. It is where I spend quality hours making music, producing videos and honing my craft. I am a music producer and audio engineer who mixes and masters music at the comfort of my home. This was my dream. I am now living it.

What Can You Get Out Of My Story

This is my story. My utmost desire is to share what I learned with you. All the long years of hunting for information, hours of studying, countless days of training, mixing, and not sleeping are all packed here – just for you. If you want to record your music at home, be the best in what you do and be the master of your music, then take the next step with me today. Here’s to making it all happen for you. Become a Mixing Mastermind today!


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