Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio Review | Mixing Mastermind

Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio Review | Mixing Mastermind


Here’s my Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio review, which will be comprised with information on the upgraded features from Mixcraft. More than that, I will be giving you my thoughts and observations regarding Mixcraft 8’s dramatic improvements. I will be reviewing the Pro Studio line, which is Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio, which is their ultimate software for pro-level mixing and mastering.

Mixcraft from Acoustica has been regarded as one of the most affordable DAWs in the market today. But with its price, does it really compare with the big boys in the music industry like Pro Tools and FL Studio?

 New Features of Mixcraft 8


New Sound Engine

My first observation is the huge difference on how the sound emanates to my ears compared to its predecessor. I heard before that there’s a distinct sound coming off of a DAW, and I had been in denial for so many years because I have always believed that it is how you use the DAW that makes you create great sounding music. But really, when I heard a project I did in 7, and loaded it to 8, there’s a huge sound difference. The first word that came out of my mouth was, “WOW!”

What the new sound engine brings to the table is its increased flexibility for sending track and inserting effects as well as making it the fastest and most powerful version of Mixcraft that the company has every released.

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Melodyne Integration

Next, is the tool that I have never stopped using since its introduction to Mixcraft Pro Studio 8, Melodyne Essentials! What’s great about it is its integration to Mixcraft, which means, it is available to you automatically in every audio track. Once you record your chosen instrument on to the track, Melodyne processes it real-time. Although the software we have is not the full-featured Melodyne, it’s more than what it can do for vocal pitch editing, as well as getting creative on intonation and moving notes. Melodyne Essentials is $99 in the market; however, it is free with Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio.


Mixcraft now allows you to do sidechaining, but the only downside is, the feature cannot be done in all compressors. Unfortunately, Mixcraft doesn’t include a compressor with a sidechain input. However, there’s one compressor that can be used for sidechaining called Density MKIII, which is free from the Variety of Sound. There’s another compressor that you can use, which is the free version of the Melda Compressor. I saw the sidechain source box on the plugin window, so I guess you can use that, too.

You can still use Sidekick 6 Sidechaining compressor for your sidechaining needs as well.

 Density MKIII

  Melda Compressor

MP4 and VST3 Support

Mp4 is huge in Mixcraft 8. You can now import and export Mp4 files and edit them on the software. The guys at Acoustica did a tremendous job in making Mixcraft a video editing software, too. Publishing videos through the software is a breeze, for it allows you to publish directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

Mixcraft also made VST3 plugin capability happen in this version.

Performance Panel Recording

One great new feature of Mixcraft 8 is you can now record directly into the Performance panel as you play loops without stopping the music.

This is a fun and intuitive way of music-making because you can immediately record into the same interface without going to the linear track recording area.

Whatever musical ideas you have in your head can be recorded to the panels.

You will definitely be rocking the house playing live loop performances with this beast.

Massive Sound Library/Dark and Light Themes

The sound library is way over the top! Aside from the enormous collection of royalty free studio quality loops and sounds, they also added a built-in Freesound.org browsing and import functions – which gives us access to over 325,000 sounds to use for your songs! That’s what I call utmost service – satisfaction guaranteed!

For themes, you can now choose between dark and light.

Global Automation and More Instruments and Effects!

Global Automation rocks!

Automation is easy with Mixcraft 8. You can effortlessly work your magic, automating a lot of parameters.

Also, Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio has 57 effects and 22 virtual instruments, with plugins from Izotope, Toneboosters, Applied Acoustics, Studio Devil, Beatrig, QuikQuak, G-Sonique, and many others. They also added 3 Mastering plugins such as EU ProMixEQ-10A Equalizer, DTC-1 Compressor, and ORB7000 Octave Reverb and new instruments like the synthesizer Kastelheimer Veldberg XD.

And Much More!

Marker List Panel

Mixer Configuration

Mix Down To Stems

MIDI Routing Capability

Unlimited Nested Submixes

View/Edit Effects List on Track

Select & Group Multiple Tracks

Dry, Wet & Post Fader Sends

If we are talking of price point – Mixcraft’s bang for the buck. It is just $179 dollars which is so cheap compared to other professional DAWs.

So, I guess the next thing to do is to give Mixcraft 8 a try. You can download the trial version of Mixcraft or you can check here to know more of this affordable, and professional DAW that competes with the big boys in the market! I can assure you that Mixcraft is the way to go!

Here’s the video of my Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio Review! Enjoy!

Until the next topic! Let me know your thoughts about Mixcraft 8! Please comment down below! Thank you so much!

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