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Let me ask you just one simple question:

Do you want to create music and develop your mixing skills at home and get better at it?

Great to know because everything that you see here, in its entirety, is for YOU!

Our goal is for you to make your music creations get better and better everyday. Period.

Mastermind is defined by Merriam – Webster as a person who supplies the directing or creative intelligence for a project. As for us, our definition is – you become THE MIXING MASTER OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.

Sounds overly ambitious, huh? Maybe you are thinking that we are overpromising. To that, I say, a big resounding NO! Encouraging you to become the best in your craft can be a life-changing experience, not just for you, but for anyone and everyone who will get to witness your genius.

We all live in a time when recording your next hit song can happen in the comfort of your own home. You can have all the power and time in the world to work your magic and push your creativity to new levels just by using studio gears that are thankfully affordable nowadays.

Almost everyone wants to record music at home. However, there’s one hiccup you may be experiencing right now. Are you getting the exact results that you want? Have you wowed yourself, yet?

How Mixing Mastermind Help You Get Better in Your Music Creations

Create a starting point in your musical career

Become a music producer without having to spend a boatload of money


Come up with great mixes using studio gears, software, and plugins that won’t cost you an arm and a leg

Understand the music production process and have a creative and positive mindset through and through


What’s In It For Me?

Glad you asked yourself that! We provide you free and ridiculously brilliant content that will keep your creative juices flowing as you learn the tricks of the trade.

Furthermore, you will get articles, videos, podcasts, and training materials about the music production process.

Also, we will discuss proven mixing methods, recording issues and home studio concerns, songwriting tips, how to build your home studio, and much, much more. 

Yes, that’s right. You will find wisdom, knowledge, and tons of invaluable stuff here!

So, grab hold and let’s journey together. We will be with you every step of the way.

Who’s Behind Mixing Mastermind?

Hi, My name is Gelot Macaranas aka GMac.

I am MixingMastermind’s creator as well as the founder of GMAC Productions, my own production company. I am a freelance music producer, audio engineer, youtuber, singer-songwriter residing in the Philippines.

A jack of all trades, I used to be all over the place, confused as to what to do in life. Seems like I’m bragging, but I was born with so many gifts.  I remember my much younger self announcing to the world, “I want to be an astronaut someday!” I had this unusual feeling in my gut that I couldn’t comprehend. Oh, man, I was so sure of the dream. Then, after wanting to become a space walker, I thought of becoming a computer engineer, a painter, an airplane pilot, a doctor, a social worker, a newscaster and the richest person in the world!  So many dreams, so little time!

Speaking of time, my pivotal moment came quite early in life, when my mom gave me a small toy piano as a gift. My eyes twinkled. My tiny fingers played the small buttons as if they were big piano tiles that produced the melody I heard. And then I saw my mom play the guitar. As a result – that was the beginning of my life-long romance with music.

Changes in time


Six years into existence, I learned to stretch my fingers across the guitar frets. At age 8, I wrote my first song. By the time I was 14, a big record producer heard one of my songs and proposed to sign me up for a recording stint. Not only that, a well-regarded chorale group used my song for a performance at a prestigious university here in the Philippines. In high school, I had theater acting stints. At 19, my cousin and I formed our band called, Blu Syndrome, which we later renamed ChapterJuan. I had a taste of how it was to perform on stage. It was exhilarating!

Coach and Manager

By my mid-twenties, things beautifully shifted for me as far as my career was concerned. I became a corporate manager in Sitel, one of the world’s biggest BPO companies handling multi-million dollar accounts. Due to the extensive Leadership Programs I attended in the company, coaching and training people to become leaders became part of DNA. That was the start of another life-long romance with teaching and coaching.


Mom and Music

My corporate life was fully blessed with plenty of achievements and promotions until another life-changing event happened which paved way for me to go back to my first love – Music.

I realized that Music is what my heart has been beating for, all these years. I had the privilege of writing songs with my mom, and she encouraged me to follow my heart and my passion – the gentle push she needed to give me before she passed on.

For 8 months, she fought lung cancer like a warrior by listening to Gospel songs. She even managed to co-write 3 remarkable songs with me. She had no idea how she inspired me leave a worthwhile career in the corporate world and rediscover the rewarding life that my passion still had in store. I have no regrets; no doubt about it, this was the best decision I have ever made!

Music Producer

My passion for Music further got me into the recording process. The frustration I had with recording in professional studios, which always burned a hole in my pocket, drove me to relentlessly find ways to record without spending a lot. As I was scouring the internet for information, I stumbled upon a music blog that  opened my eyes to the possibility of home recording.  This was the light bulb, the spark, that AHA moment that pulled everything together – music production at my fingertips (and yours, too!).

From Me To You

My three life-long romances; my passion for music, love for teaching, and fascination with the music production process, are perfectly merged into my desire to share and teach you valuable information on what you want to learn. All the years of hunting for info, hours of studying, days of training, mixing, and not sleeping are all packed here – just for you.

Just another step…

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