Can My Songs Sound Epic With Inexpensive Gear?

Can My Songs Sound Epic With Inexpensive Gear?

Without any hesitation, the answer is YES! Your songs can sound epic with inexpensive gear. How so?

Mixing engineers of today will always recommend that we get the best equipment for our home studios. Correspondingly, we think that we must purchase an expensive gear because of its quality. As consumers, we are taught to believe that if a product is expensive, the quality is at its best. Although this may be true; basing it from experience, it is not always the case.

Delayed Projects Due to Overthinking

Songs Sound Epic Inexpensive Gear

Man, before I started with music production, my desire was just to have a starting point. Since I didn’t know anything about it yet, my goal was to have just one gear – one gear for me to get going. As soon as I finished setting up the studio at home, with all the equipment in place, I began to do the work. I thought I’d be able to make gazillions of songs out of the mini space that I have. As I worked on my projects, I found myself not satisfied with my output. My mind began to wander and searched for alternatives. Doubt entered my creative atmosphere – I doubted my skills, workflow, and most especially, my equipment!

To demonstrate this, imagine having workdays asking yourself, “why is the sound different from what I hear from the reference track?” Imagine the frustration that I was experiencing along. Because of this, I thought that my gears, which were mostly budget gears, were the culprit.

Oh well. It really came to a point where I didn’t want to proceed anymore. However, a part of me still wanted to go on because of the time that I already allotted for this endeavor. So, one day, I came to realize that it is not the gear, but it is the lack of knowledge and application that hindered me from creating the best sounding projects.

It is how you use the gear – that makes your sound epic!

My Home Studio Set Up

As music producers, we live and breathe by our creative artwork.  If you are relatively new to the music production world, one guiding principle that you must live by is that your gear is an essential fragment to the music creation process.  And the good news is that it is 100% guaranteed that you can get a home studio set up running within an affordable budget range.

Without further ado, this is the home studio set up I started and still the set up I have until now. Observe all the prices listed here. They are all priced mid-range and working great for me for years.

Computer – I have two computers that I use for music production. My PC that I use for my home studio set up is an Intel i5, with 10 GB RAM, with 7200 RPM with 1 TB HDD Space. For mobility, I use an ACER Aspire V laptop, which is one of the best purchases I made.  It runs on Windows 10 Pro, 8 GB RAM, 256GB SSD; however, I made initial upgrades on my laptop already. When it comes to music making, the ACER Aspire series is bang for the buck! Here are two laptops that I recommend for music production:

ACER Aspire V13

ACER Aspire V3

For the rest of my equipment, head straight to Resources, where I list all the gears that I use for music making.

Oh! But Expensive Gear is Nice, Too!

Hey, if you want to buy expensive gear, there’s no one stopping you. One or two of those in the studio is certainly nice to have! In fact, I bought Izotope Neutron, Izotope’s flagship mixing plugin which is truly an outstanding tool for mixing. In this case, I saved up my money to buy this baby. So really, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing this. All I am saying is, your sound doesn’t on the price point of your equipment or plugins, but heavily relies on how you use them.

Here’s A Video on Using Neutron in Mixcraft:

So, what do you think? Send me a comment below and let’s talk about this. 🙂

Please stay tuned for the next read which will cover improvements that you need for your PC. You will get a lot of ideas from there!

How To Make Music Recording Affordable To You – Easy!

How To Make Music Recording Affordable To You – Easy!

Have you ever wondered how you can make music recording affordable and easy at the same time? Find out how I managed to make it happen for me. If I did it, then it means that you could make your music dreams come true, too!

If you read the story behind Mixing Mastermind, you’d probably have an understanding why I am keen to sharing what I know in helping people record their music at home. Notably, there are two questions that we need to answer today regarding music recording. And these are:

Is it affordable?

And if it is; then, how can you make it affordable?

Is Home Music Recording Affordable?

The music industry today has totally evolved into what we call “the new music industry.” In general, the old music industry practices the traditional way of dealing with artists and music labels. One way that is constantly done by bands and artists is submitting a demo cd to a recording label and hope for the best.

When my band recorded our first demo cd, we submitted our portfolio to one of, our should I say, the best music recording labels in the country. If I remembered it correctly, we got an immediate answer that our demo cd didn’t have the quality they were looking for. Yeah, as an amateur band, with little knowledge of the recording arts, we recorded the demo in a shabby studio that offered cheap rates.Only good for band practice, the studio didn’t have the set-up for recording music. Although the studio owner knew that his 4-track mixer would just produce so-so results, we found him very helpful by offering to record us at a very low price.

Obviously, we knew that we didn’t have a studio-grade demo. However, armed with confidence that the music producers of the label company would hear the genius in us, we proceeded with submitting the cd. Regardless of what they might say, we decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, we didn’t make the cut.

The New Music Industry

The first time I heard the term, “New Music Industry,” it made perfect sense. I heard this from Leah McHenry, an online international recording artist who makes Celtic and Fantasy inspired music. She said that we are now in the new music industry, which has given musicians plenty of opportunities in the online world. It has broken the barriers of music creation – which means that you don’t have to go to a professional music studio to have your song recorded. And because of the environment of the new music industry, the opportunities are limitless.

music recording affordable

To point out, the old music industry, which very much happens today, entails a lot of actions and requirements to be done such as:


If you want to get famous, audition for the Voice!



Likewise, a studio-grade demo cd is a must here


You’ll be traveling a lot! (which is not a bad idea!)

Talent and Guts

If you’re shy and suffer from stage fright and don’t that stage presence, this isn’t the career for you

new music industry mixingmastermind

The new music industry; however, gives you the opportunity to create your songs, album, and even start a very successful music career – at the comfort of your own home.

So, to answer the question, is music production affordable, the answer is YES!

How Can It Be Cost-Effective?

As soon as I found out that having a home studio could be a reality for me, I spent a lot of time researching on the subject. After a great amount of time spent on my own studies; surprisingly, I realized that having a home music studio wasn’t that complicated at all.

Cost-wise, a home studio saves you a ton of moolah in the years to come compared to recording in a professional commercial studio that burns a hole in your pocket.

In reality, it took me three years to build my home music studio because I did it on my own.  In fact, if you combine the time in which I built the studio and studied music production, that is about 5 years in total.  As a result of this, it is with my intention that I do not want you to do the same thing.  With proper guidance and coaching, you’d be able to start creating your own music in no time.

How To Make it Within Your Budget Range?

Having a home music studio is not as expensive as you think it is. Nevertheless, you can definitely buy the most expensive gear for your studio if you want to. It is up to you. But honestly speaking,  the results are not dependent on how expensive your gear is.  It is how you use the gear that will make or break you in the music creation process.

Think about it, having to record using your own equipment compared to recording in a professional studio is already a big jump on savings. In order for you to make sure that you get the most affordable finds in building your studio, you must have these 4 Decision making principles in mind to help you.

Recognize what you need

Determine what you need or want that you must satisfy. For example, list down all the things you need for your home studio.

For example:

✓ Computer


✓ Audio Interface

✓ Mic and Mic Stand

✓ Studio Monitors

✓ Headphones, etc

Learn from the Experts

Experts in the field of music production can help you tremendously on what to buy or not to buy. To demonstrate it, I am here sharing what I know and works best to you. But, I also recommend you do your own research for validation. 

Make Your Music Creations Better Everyday!

Become a Mixing Mastermind Today.

Learn More

Have Alternatives

As a consumer, you always think about getting the best deals for the products you want to buy. With this in mind, check for reviews and testimonials on products and services that you are interested in as well as compare prices. Choose the product that fits all your parameters.


So, ask the question to yourself before buying, is it a want or a need? Does it match my expectations?

3 Easy Steps to Make Music Recording Affordable

Here are the steps to start creating music at home without burning a hole in your pocket:

1. Buying Equipment – it is very important that you have the right set up for your home studio. The things that you need for your studio may be a lot for you at first; however, it is imperative that you look at everything holistically. By starting with the end in mind, you will not think of buying gear as a tedious task. You may think of it as expensive at first, but as you tick off your checklist, you’d soon realize that you have already completed the necessary requirements for your home studio.

2. Buying the right gear – having the most expensive gear can help you create the best sounding song you could possibly record; however, this isn’t the case most of the time. Likewise, you can produce your best album just by a mid-range priced equipment. It is just how you use it that makes the difference.

For example, the industry-standard tool for recording is Pro Tools. Inasmuch as I want to have a license for its latest version, I still find the DAW expensive for me, eventhough they have monthly terms. That’s why I am using Mixcraft Pro Studio 8 because this power-packed DAW has everything I need that Pro Tools can give.

3. Master your gear/plugins/tools – after buying one equipment, master it. Consequently, there are those who buy a lot of gear, having that mindset that they get the best sound out of those. Reset your mindset regarding that theory – best gear equates to the best sound. You can mix your tracks using stock plugins that come with the software you have. If you are not satisfied with your plugins, you can find a lot of free plugins around. After all, those free plugins bring out the best in my mixing.

There you have it! I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of building their own home studios or planning to record music at home.

What are your thoughts on this? Please comment below! I’ll happy to know what you think!

How to Migrate Your Website for Free Using Hostgator

How to Migrate Your Website for Free Using Hostgator

Hostgator offers cheap unlimited webhosting that newbie and advanced bloggers take advantage of. You will never go wrong with it as your web hosting service provider. In fact you can have your website migrated for free here.

Days ago, I shared the reason why I switched my web-hosting services from GoDaddy to Hostgator. It is one of the best internet hosting providers that offer very affordable plans. The transfer made blogging so much better; the fact that it is now faster and more convenient. I do not experience crashes and request time out errors anymore. Divi is communicating with WordPress perfectly. My time is well-spent in writing blog posts and making videos for my Youtube channel.

Hostgator’s Free Website Migration Service

Here are the steps to moving a website from one host to another:

  •         Transferring website files
  •         Transferring website database
  •         Transferring applications to the new location
  •         Pointing your domain’s DNS to the new host.

I am not going to tackle each step in this blog but I will be talking about one step during the transfer of website files and database, which is called Website Migration. During the transfer, it is required that you migrate all the data from your previous hosting to the current service. There are two ways for the migration to happen. One way is to do it yourself, which is more complicated because of too many actions that you need to do on your part, unless you are tech-savvy. The other way which I recommend for you to do is to request for the free migration service.

Website migration is not really a tedious process, if you know how to do it yourself.  I am not a web-techy individual but I always find myself doing the technical stuff on my own. This created a lot of web mishaps for me, I tell you! So, the best thing you can do is request for Hostgator’s Free Migration Service and let them do the work for you!

So, here’s the step by step process to migrate your website for free:

  1.        If you haven’t signed up for Hostgator yet, you can sign up here.
  2.        Once you have signed up and have access to the billing account of Hostgator, there’s a link that you need to put the details in. In order to start the migration, you must input the following information:
    • Account Domain Name
    • Hostname
    • WordPress Info
    • CPanel login URL
    • Back up file of the old website

Once you have all the information, go to the transfer form and request for the free website migration









 Once you have completed filling out the form, just wait for the confirmation email from Hostgator! The free blog migration service details will be delivered to your mailing inbox.

Get Hostgator as your Webhosting service – use MIXMASTER60 coupon code to get 60% off your bill!

migrate website free

Is Transferring from GoDaddy to Hostgator the Best Option?

Is Transferring from GoDaddy to Hostgator the Best Option?

Do you have the best web-hosting service for your website?

As a newbie music blogger, shopping for the best web-hosting service can be time consuming and taxing if you really don’t know what you are doing. New to the online marketing world, I must keep in mind the financial costs of building an online music production empire. Web-hosting is a must-have for online entrepreneurs and bloggers and is the initial investment for your online business. It is as important as the theme, plugins, and other factors that constitute a website. Take me for example, I opted for GoDaddy because of its reputation and affordable plans. It is a household name when it comes to web-hosting. My friend who is a client manager for GoDaddy gave me great reviews particularly on pricing and that made me click the buy button for the product.

Just for $4.49 a month, I was able to setup my Managed WordPress site in no time. GoDaddy has an amazing 24/7 customer service and technical support, access to 1,000 free themes and plugins, one click migration tool, premium WordPress hosting platform, a free domain with an annual plan, a free Microsoft Office 365 email for the first year, and automatic WordPress core software and security updates. I was happy talking to the customer service sales agent the whole duration of the call. It seemed that nothing could stop me from music blogging from then on. So, after I hung up, I moved on to the next step of the website creation process.

Why I Made the Switch from GoDaddy to Hostgator

My purpose was to create a world-class music production website. So automatically, along with the web-hosting service, what came to mind was to install a premium theme. I bought the Divi Theme from Elegant themes because of its outstanding features.  Divi is a drag and drop WordPress page builder that allows you to see what your website looks like in real time, which is very helpful especially for those who want to see the changes immediately. It was a jaw dropping moment when I got to install the theme on WordPress. Excitement kicked in as I started to write my first blog and engineered the website to how it looks now. However, as I delved deeper into the world of blogging, and data started to become heavy, Divi and WordPress did not seem to communicate the way they should. I began to experience slowness, frequent crashes, and request time out errors. Actually, I believe that it was already slow from the beginning but I was under the impression that it was normal. Frustration became a part of my daily routine and it really hampered the progress of building the website.

How Hostgator Became My Life-saver

Writing is a blogger’s daily ritual. With the difficulties I was experiencing, that couldn’t be the case for me. My days focused on troubleshooting and researching for fixes. And then, I realized that the problem could be the compatibility between the theme and the web-hosting service. My research led me to other Divi users who were having the same issues being hosted by GoDaddy. With enough info in hand, I decided to make a switch. The Elegant Themes website have ad banners of Hostgator.  That said enough for me.

The switch from GoDaddy to Hostgator was such a breeze. Things immediately turned out well upon the transfer. Hostgator offers free website migration service and I took advantage of that.  I will show you in detail how I transferred from GoDaddy to Hostgator and how to use the free blog migration service and domain transfer on my next blog. Here’s what I have observed in Divi using the shared hosting services of Hostgator:

  1. Real time changes are happening blazingly fast.
  2. No more request time out errors, buffering issues and crashes.
  3. The website does not feel heavy anymore.

Tada! That did it! That switch made my blogging life so much better! Hostgator indeed delivers its promise: Powerful Web Hosting.   

What You Get From Hostgator

Here are the benefits of having Hostgator as your hosting service:

  • Easy to Use and the latest CPanel
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains
  • One Click Installs
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee – This is guaranteed! I am a happy customer!
  • 45 Day Money back guarantee
  • Instant shopping carts and website stats
  • Unlimited Email accounts, webmail access, spam prevention with Spam Assassin, Receive email to your phone via IMAP support
  • Unlimited autoresponders with 25 Mailing Lists
  • An award-winning customer service and technical support via phone, live chat and ticketing system – This is true! Their service is indeed fast, reliable and the techs do not stop until the issue is resolved.
  • And automatic weekly backups!

You get Free:

  • Hostgator website builder
  • Website transfer, domain transfer, MYSQL transfer, Script transfer
  • $100 Google Adwords Offer
  • $100 Yahoo/Bing Credit

So, if you are looking for a very powerful webhosting service that could run you the extra mile, I definitely recommend Hostgator. If you plan to use WordPress as your blogging platform, Hostgator is compatible with its latest version.  In fact, I  can help you save 60% from your total bill by using the Hostgator Discount Coupon: MIXMASTER60! This is a spring sale and this promo runs through April 2017!

Hostgator has 3 Plans: Hatchling, Baby, and Business Plan. The example below with the coupon code is for a 36 month Baby Plan. You can see that by using the coupon code MIXMASTER60 gives you 60% off! WHAT HUGE SAVINGS! 



godaddy hostgator

There’s another code that will make your first month just one cent! If you want to try Hostgator out first, this is the way to go! But I really recommend that you buy their packages because that gives you bigger savings in the long run!



hostgator one cent

Hottest Black Friday 2016 Deals – Musical Gear, Instruments, and Software

Hottest Black Friday 2016 Deals – Musical Gear, Instruments, and Software

What is Black Friday?

Hottest Black Friday 2016The hottest Black Friday 2016 deals are coming once again and everyone’s pretty pumped up for the best offers that they can find anywhere, especially on the internet. For those who do not know yet, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and has been regarded as the start of the holiday shopping season. Most stores in the US and even in the UK come out with different means to attract their customers such as launching their early bird specials and selling their products with huge discounts. This is a season where you can find Black Friday ads are posted everywhere and people are lining up, on queue for hours (even for days), long before the sun rises.

When is Black Friday and Why is it becoming popular?

For 2016, Black Friday will fall on November 25.

Because of the power of online retailing, the popularity of the Black Friday madness has increased in other countries as well. India, France, Canada, Mexico, Romania, and the United Kingdom are countries that promote and celebrate this shopping festival of festivals. As per Wikipedia, other countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Austria, Colombia, Sweden, Denmark, Nigeria, Lebanon, Bolivia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands have joined the bandwagon, too. Seems like everyone has followed suit because of the massive return on consumer sales and high profits for online retailers and local store owners as well.

Why is it called Black Friday?

The term Black Friday, as mentioned in Wikipedia, got its name from the early 1980s when most of the business retailers found that they made their profits starting on the day after Thanksgiving. They used ££red to record negative amounts and black to show financial gains. Hence, the term.

For Music Enthusiasts like me, what will I get out of Black Friday?

Oh my! You wouldn’t miss it for the world! I am an avid fan of Mixcraft Prostudio 7, and I got mine from their Black Friday Madness. Talk about a great deal for a complete and professional audio workstation!

If you are a newbie who is just setting up his/her own home music studio, today’s a great opportunity to get your gear!

Changing your instruments and gear? No problem! Discounts are up for grabs on Black Friday 2016! Best time of the year to buy them!

So, I have come up with a list of great deals happening in the online arena.

Disclaimer: I am not gonna benefit any financial gains out of this for I am not an affiliate of these websites. I just want to help out those who are looking to add new instruments or change their gear the cheapest way possible. And this is a perfect opportunity for you to do that!



Their Black Friday deal runs from November 21 until the last minute of November 28, 2016. It is 7 days of huge discounts and awesome deals for producers, guitarists, drummers and DJs.

Check out GEAR4MUSIC for more of these wonderful items!


An online store for the best musical instruments and gear including guitars, effects, basses, amplifiers, drums, keyboards, microphones, DJ, recording, and live sound. Regarded as the largest online guitar store in the world. Their sale is ongoing.



  • RogueVB100 Violin Bass Guitar Vintage Sunburst – it features a flamed maple arched top  and back with the European-style hollow body which makes it lightweight. This violin bass is top of the line at a fraction of the cost. ($246.97 down to $161.08, a savings of $86)VB100-Violin-Bass-Guitar-Vintage-Sunburst

For more awesome deals, visit their page:  MUSICIANSFRIEND


Amazon’s Black Friday 35 Days of Deals – the online retail giant just announced that they will make everyday a Black Friday and this awesome pre-Christmas bonanza runs from now until December 22. Amazon claims that a new deal will be up every 5 minutes.

  • For guitar enthusiasts, Rocksmith Re-Mastered for almost all consoles is their Deal of the Day. Price is only $29.99 from $50.00! Weehoo!Hottest Black Friday 2016
  • M-Audio M-Track 2X2 C-Series | 2-in/2-out USB Audio Interface (24-bit/192kHz) – great for home studio producers! It has high-speed USB Connection with USB/Direct balance knob for zero-latency monitoring. Included software is Steinberg Cubase LE, Air Creative FX Collection (20 world class FX plugins by Pro Tools), Xpand!2, Mini Grand and Strike. Great Value at only $99.00 from $199.00, you save $100!)M-Audio

Want more? If these items made you drool, and you want to feast your eyes and burn a hole in your pockets temporarily ( I assume that you have been saving up for this day, anyway), then go to AMAZON’S site!


This is plugin heaven, baby! Check out their Black Friday deals because their discounts are up to 90% off! Black Friday Bonanza runs from November 21 up to December 2016. Check out the dates for some items. Some of the items they have are the following:

Go to PLUGINBOUTIQUE for more exciting deals!


For guitarists and musicians, here’s what’s in store for you! Guitar Center, the world’s largest musical instrument trailer is also having a Black Friday Sale!

  • Alvarez Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Acoustic GuitarGrateful Dead Guitar this special guitar is to commemorate the long time collaboration of Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir with Alvarez luthiers. Those who are Grateful Dead fans, you will love the artwork as well as how the guitar is built. Price is only at 213.89 from $428.78, a discount of $214.89, almost half the price!


Check out GUITAR CENTER deals here!


The E-commerce giant has its own Black Friday Deals, too!

Novation MKII




hottest Black Friday 2016 Go to SWEETWATER to find out what they are offering. Their Black Friday Deals ends on November 25, 2016! You can find other outstanding deals for your budget here:

Acoustica Mixcraft will have a Black Friday deal coming up, so you better check their website from time to time!

Whew! Looks like we are about to burn a hole in our pockets, huh? Are you excited to splurge your hard-earned cash but worried about having regrets the day after? Do not fret! If you are thinking of having second thoughts in spending on Black Friday, I will share with you tips and tricks on how to avoid the dreaded Buyer’s Remorse during Black Friday sales in the next post! So, what are you waiting for?!!! Happy Holidays! 🙂

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